New Afternoon Dismissal Procedures

New Afternoon Dismissal Procedures
Posted on 01/01/2015


We have had some changes this year to our afternoon dismissal procedures:

  • Students must be picked up in the front of the building
  • Two car lines will be formed
  • All cars must yield to pedestrian traffic (people walking)
  • Drivers should look to the adults on duty for direction (when to stop and when to move forward)
  • A car tag (yellow for 5th grade and blue for 6th grade) must be displayed on the rearview mirror, and each student must memorize his or her number
  • Two tags with the same number will be provided per child in case two vehicles are used for pick-up or to replace a lost tag
  • Students who are not picked up by 4:10pm (unless the flow of car rider traffic is congested at that time) will be taken to the front office. The driver must park, come the front office, and sign the "Late Car Rider Pick-up" log. If a student is picked up late more than four times, alternate pick-up arrangements need to be made for that child.
  • To change your child's transportation arrangements for the day (i.e. to have them ride the bus), the front office must be contacted that day no later than 3:00pm.

These guidelines were created with the safety of our students in mind. Please adhere to the guidelines carefully, and feel free to contact our school if you have any questions.